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Family Adventures...

Dani Bauche-Williams and Jamie Mayoh-Bauche are sisters who share the adventure of raising and learning with their young families.

Dani is an artist and educator. She is a master of spontaneity, weaving learning through art, mindfulness and creative play into daily experience. A painter with a focus on portraiture, Dani is also a high school teacher and has taught photography, drama and social studies. She is mom to three young sons known on this site as Andy (8), Joe (4) and Ben (1).  

Jamie is an educator and curriculum developer. She has a strong interest in educational approaches that are embedded in context and maximize connection and creativity. She has recently completed a Master's degree in Adult Education.  Jamie has two sons who are known on this blog as Thad (7) and Huck (5). She and her family enjoy travelling, especially throughout Canada and love camping, hiking and connecting with nature.